Knowledge Transfer



Technical Coaching If you have been appointed to E.g. CFO, FD, Financial Controller, of a Trading Business without prior experience in that sector, we can explain to you on a one-to-one basis what is different about that sector that is relevant for you.

Similarly if you have been appointed to any role with responsibility for managing currency risk.

If you are about to implement a new accounting system, we can give you an understanding of straight-through multi-currency accounting so that you can set it up appropriately up front which saves you much effort later.

Excel Coaching As a Global Top50 winner of Modeloff 2019, we know rather a lot about Excel.
But unlike many Excel experts, we believe it is over-used, and all too often "advanced" Excel use is over-complicated.
If you are feel that your department is out of control regarding Excel, but you do not have enough knowledge to specifically direct improverments, we can both direct work in Excel, and and show you how to direct and control it on an ongoing basis.

Training For all the areas of Expertise we offer, we are happy to write and deliver training.
One-to-one, small groups, or large classes.
If you want written tests for attendees to prove that they have mastered the material then we can write those.
We try to make even areas with the most boring reputation interesting, not least by explaining why things are done the way they are (even it that is due to historical misunderstandings).

Effective and Succinct Documentation Having no documentation of proposed or actual processes is asking for failure, whether of ongoing work, or of projects.
But "Bibles" are rarely consulted by most people.
So effective documentation needs to be small enough, and easily understood, to be easily digested.

We have long experience of producing a variety of forms of documentation.
E.g. Double-Entry Storyboards, Audit Transaction Memoranda.
We can create some for you, but more valuably, show you how to create them yourself.

General Whatever work we do for you, we always share our workings, so that you can benefit from our input after the assignment is over.
We encourage "Why?" questions to spread as much understanding as possible.

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