Interim Roles



Financial Director

Financial Controller

Chief Accounting Officer

Like most people performing interim roles we don't care what the title is - we care about delivering success.
"CAO's Fireman" is one unoffical title that has been applied in the past - fixing whatever problems comes up.
If you have specific objectives for us that you understand already, that is an excellent base for an assignment.
But we are not daunted in the slightest by "I don't know what kind of mess it is, but I feel it's a mess - can you investigate and tell me what we need?"

If there is a need to imminently get through an audit, then we have particularly successful experience of applying project management techniques to reduce the auditors' time (and fees) as well as the time of the your staff.
Note that we do not claim wide expertise in the arcane parts of IFRS, although we are perfectly capable of explaining common sense approaches to auditors, including by generating worked examples.
It's always more efficient for the client to do the documentation of a process/logic and an auditor to check it, rather than for an auditor to create the documentation.
We are not suitable for the roles for which the objective could be paraphrased as: "We had a really bad year - can you somehow find holes in the accounting standards to make it look OK".

If you want us to face parent company staff, system suppliers, external bankers etc, then we are happy and competent to do so, but we are always conscious that our role is to make your life easier in the long term, so we will never undermine your ownership, nor seek the limelight.

If the need is purely "the accounting" then that is fine; if it also involves supervising Company Secretarial, HR, IT etc then we can do that to.

We prefer to bring you good news, but if there is bad news, we will not avoid it, sit on it, nor make a drama out of it.

Middle Office

Product Control

Deals Desk
This tends to involve lots of Excel, at which we are exceptionally capable: Global Top 50 in the Modeloff competition 2019.
But per our analysis of when Excel is and is not suitable, we will try to use more robust systems if possible.

We have seen a particularly wide range of traded instruments, from Exotic Equity Options to Cocoa Beans.
The more different ones we see, the more able we are to quickly understand those we have not seen.

Yes, it is possible to report daily P&L from a double entry system (and so not have month-end or year-end any different from each day), but very few places do it.
If that is wanted we can advise on how to do it, or actually do it (which requires IT input), but we are well-used to less straight-through enivronments too.
We can resolve problems from the very specific to the very general. or keep the existing show on the road.

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