Product Experience


We have seen quite a variety of different products, but not every aspect of every product.
This table gives an idea - it is easy enough to "read across" to the gaps.

Experience Contractual Valuation / pricing

Management Accounting Financial Reporting Risk Reporting
Vanilla Forward FX & FX swaps - Moderate Extensive Some Extensive
Non-deliverable forwards Moderate Moderate Extensive Some Extensive
FX options - - Some Some Some
Spot FX - Yes Extensive Extensive Extensive
Currency Swaps Moderate Moderate - - Moderate
Oil Futures - Moderate Extensive Extensive Moderate
Oil Swaps Moderate Moderate Extensive Extensive Moderate
Physical Oil Moderate - Extensive Extensive Moderate
Metals forwards - Moderate Overview Extensive Overview
Physical metals Moderate - Overview Overview Overview
Metal concentrates Moderate - Overview Overview Overview
Forward Freight Agreements Moderate Moderate - - -
Electricity Forward Agreements Extensive Extensive Extensive - Extensive
Spark Spreads etc Extensive Extensive Extensive - Extensive
Physical Gas Some Some Some Some Some
Heating/Cooling degree day swaps Some Some Some - -
Waste Paper Swaps Moderate Some - - -
Cocoa futures and listed options Moderate Moderate Extensive - Moderate
Coffee, Cotton and Sugar: futures and listed options - Some Some - -
Physical Cocoa Moderate Moderate Extensive - Moderate
Physical Coffee, Cotton and Sugar Some Some Some - Some
Credit Default Swaps Extensive Extensive Moderate Extensive Moderate
CDOs Extensive Extensive Moderate Extensive Moderate
Corporate Bonds - Some - - -
Exotic Equity Derivatives Moderate Some Extensive - Moderate
OTC Equity Options Moderate Some Extensive - Moderate
OTC Equity Swaps Moderate Some Extensive - Moderate
Equities - Moderate Extensive - Moderate
Equity options Moderate Moderate Extensive - Moderate
Equity futures Moderate Moderate Extensive - Moderate
Vanilla Interest rate swaps - Moderate Extensive Some Some
Precious metals None yet


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