Class Ranking Name Business Country
Pro 1 Andrew Ngai Willis Towers Watson Australia
Pro 2 Paul Dent Lewis Golden LLP UK
Pro 3 Matthew Fried Telenor Norway
Pro 4 Anup Agarwal - India
Pro 5 David Haughney EY UK
Pro 6 Jonathon Ho - Australia
Pro 7 Joseph Michael Palisoc FRM CQF Capital One Phillippines
Pro 8 Gabriela Strój PWC Poland
Pro 9 Stevenson Yu University of the Phillipines Cebu Phillippines
Pro 10 Sameer Jagetia Robuzz USA
Pro 11 Robert Avery - USA
Pro 12 Tim Roberts - UK
Pro 13 Marc Wiseman - UK
Pro 14 Chong Jiang Ngow - China?
Pro 15 Vadim Kalimeev - Russia
Pro 16 Audree Pellerin Audree Pellerin Consulting Canada
Pro 17 David Binder - USA
Pro 18 Brian Seibel - USA
Pro 19 Maksim Chekhonadskii Far East High Technology Fund Russia
Pro 20 Artem Sitnikov Zubr Capital Russia
Pro 21 Vladislav Smirnov Tinkoff Bank Russia
Pro 22 Jonathan Chui, CFA Cubico UK
Pro 23 Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA Latvia
Pro 24 Anna Krylova Financial Consulting Group Russia
Pro 25 Samir Asadov CFA Mainstream Renewable Power Ukraine
Pro 26 John Lim KPMG Australia
Pro 27 Nachiket Pendharkar - India
Pro 28 Alexander Groberman, CFA AltaGas Ltd Canada
Pro 29 Eduardo Gonzalez Arias Alantra Spain
Pro 30 Dmitrijs Timofejevs - Latvia
Pro 31 Jamie Hatch - New Zealand
Pro 32 Dean McGuire, CFA The GPT Group Australia
Pro 33 Nikhil Issar - India?
Pro 34 Jhett Koo Crimson Education New Zealand
Pro 35 Zachary Morritt - UK
Pro 36 Cheong Ng PWC New Zealand
Pro 37 Alexey Sviridov - Russia
Pro 38 Justin Sterling, CFA, FRM US Banccorp USA
Pro 39 Sho Yoshimura, CAIA, CFM Tokyo Modelling Associates Japan
Pro 40 Jeremy Freelove, CPA (Inactive) Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts USA
Pro 41 Andrew Yu - China??
Pro 42 John Patrick Delavin, CFA - USA
Pro 43 Nick Lowman Deckers Brands USA
Pro 44 John Macgillivray - UK
Pro 45 Nick Komissarov Willis Towers Watson USA
Pro 46 Fumiya (John) Kawai
Tokyo Modelling Associates
Pro 47 Christopher Ashworth Cresco South Africa
Pro 48 Ian Gore - USA
Pro 49 Richard Sage FCA FRM Matterwise LLP UK/Poland
Pro 50 Nicholaus Sanford - USA

Rookies had to be under 25. They did fewer questions in the same time as Pros.

Class Ranking Name Business Country
Rookie 1 Amaan Merchant - New Zealand
Rookie 2 Smith Jain - India
Rookie 3 Arseniy Amanov - Russia
Rookie 4 Helen Qianling Zheng - UK
Rookie 5 Malatesh Shettikeri - India
Rookie 6 Pak Hei Chu - Hong Kong
Rookie 7 James Humpish - UK
Rookie 8 Matthew Farmer - USA
Rookie 9 Nitish Mehta - India
Rookie 10 Akshay Verma - India
Rookie 11 Artsiom Petrykeyeu - Belarus?
Rookie 12 Arnesh Sukumar - India
Rookie 13 Jason Webber - South Africa
Rookie 14 Adam Cashman - USA
Rookie 15 Yoshihiko Kichikawa - Japan
Rookie 16 Gani Toleugazyyev - Kazakhstan
Rookie 17 Bohdan Yakymchuk - Ukraine
Rookie 18 Anastasiya Vasilevskaya - Belarus
Rookie 19 Ajitha Doniparthi - India?
Rookie 20 Arjun Garg - India
Rookie 21 Shritika Behl - India?
Rookie 22 Brigitte Myers - Australia
Rookie 23 Marc Schneider - USA?
Rookie 24 Durva Raval - India
Rookie 25 Xuan Truong Bui - Vietnam?/Australia?

The Small Print
As most of us work in the world of finance, takeovers are a fact of life.
However, to have the organisation that arranged a competition and published our achievements taken over by a training company which killed off the competition, and wiped the record from the internet, was disconcerting and disappointing.
I would be delighted to give way to anybody else hosting this information, or to work with anyone looking to extend to previous years.
And of course to make any corrections to the above, particularly with regard to Business, which I derived independently from the other data I had captured when was live.